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2-component meter mix dispenser

Code:   2CM01


Shot Volume: 2g-200g per shot
Material Capacity: 20/40L per tank

Suit For:
Epoxies / Silicones / Urethanes / Polyesters

Features & Benefits:

  • Stainless steel construction, easy to clean and maintenance.
  • Fixed ratio design for precise ratio control.
  • Static or dynamic mixing valve applied for different material requirements.
  • Microprocessor controlled.
  • Interactive memory setting function creates user friendly interface.
  • Multiple variable shot volume programs up to 7 sequences.
  • Easy shot size and flow rate adjustment.
  • Precise gear pumps / progressive cavity pumps, supply the material steadily and consistently.
  • Optional material tank heater, agitator, or vacuum unit provided.
  • Material tank empty warning.
  • PTC thermal sensor insures temperature of the material tube constant.
  • 24 hr automatic recirculation prevents sediment in material tube.
  • Error-protection design, error message display.