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PCB Depaneling Router R2200

Code:   PTSDR-001


Machine External Dim. Lg 1100 x w1000 x H 1400 (excluding monitor and tower light
Table Size 2x tables. each table size .500mm x 400 mm
Position Motor Drives Close Loop with feed back system. Total: Y axis-2x; X axis-1x; Z axis-1
Positional Accuracy / Resolution +/- 0.025mm / 0.002mm
Programable Feeds up to 100mm/sec
Type of Feeds straight lines, arc and circles
Controls Windows 2000/XP with PTS operating software. Real time process monitoring.
Programing Capabilities Teach in-using keypad or by joystick. Same or different models on each table
Spindle Rotation Speed Variable up to 60,000 rpm. Programmable via computer
Type of spindle Air cool, Spindle runout 0.002mm, 1/8 collet - german make.
Tool Bit Optmisation programmable using entire cutting flute or router bit
  alarm for router bit change
Camera./Laser pointer High resolution pixel camera with laser pointer to indicate route area.
Vacuum and filter System Integrated into system with build in vaccum cleaner for maintenance.
  Alarm for vacuum bag change. Overload relay for vaccum pump.
  Build in vaccum cleaner
Safety Door/panel interlocks, sliding door interlocks during routing process
Options gerber, CAD file transfers, fudicial referencing, broken tool bit detection,
  Convert 2 tables into 1 table, max. PCB size Lg 800 x W\500mm
Facilities/Power consumption 220 VAC 1 phase/2.2 KW